• Services

        • Consultancy Services

      •  In order to further assist your organisation, myEUfunds has developed a unique set of services to help you benefit from the the opportunity of EU funds: 

        • Identify funds (national & transnational) through our unique FundFinder 

             By learning about your organisation and understanding your objectives and visions, we are able to identify all funds available to you. The FundFinder is a unique tool      
             developed by myEUfunds that allows you to find the number of funds available for your organisation and their respective budgets. There are a total of 450 
             different funds available with a potential 960 Billion euro allocated for funding, so grab the opportunity and contact us. 

             myEUfunds will produce a tailor-made report schedule outlining: 

                 (a) which activities would be eligible for EU funding 
                 (b) what type of projects can be submitted
                 (c) which funds are available to the organisation 
                 (d) when applications should be made 
                 (e) anticipated decision time-frame
                 (f) the grant rate anticipated. 

        • Funding Alerts 
              myEUfunds will send regular updates of all the latest information and invitations to apply for European projects. The information includes the respective deadlines as 
              well as details on the projects that are being requested. 

          • Partner Selection
                myEUfunds can also assist your organisation in finding local, European and global partners for the successful implementation of your project. 

          •  Other Services
                 myEUfunds can also offer supporting consultancy in project management, legal advice as well as project implementation through its network of partners.